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Letter of Authority.

If you want to give your permission for someone else to talk to us on your behalf, please print the Letter of Authority, complete it, sign it and send it to us at:

Eversheds Sutherland (International) LLP
1 Callaghan Square
CF10 5BT

Income and Expenditure Form

If you need to demonstrate how much you can afford to pay your lender in order to reduce your arrears, please complete the following form:

Income and Expenditure Form

General Enquiries

If you have a general enquiry about a letter you have received from us which is not answered in this website, please email us using the Enquiry Form.

Contact us

We hope that the information contained within this website answers the general questions you may have about the mortgage possession process.

However, if you feel you still need to contact us, you may choose to call us on the telephone number set out in the letter(s) you have received from us.

Please be advised that we receive a very high number of calls each day and it may not always be possible for you to speak to one of our team when you call. It may be easier to email us using the Enquiry Form.

We do not generally encourage the use of email to correspond with our clients’ customers as we do not regard this as a secure means of communication and personal data, sometimes sensitive, may be shared inadvertently. If you are prepared to accept these risks we will need to speak to you first in order to verify your identity and to confirm the email address to wish us to use. We are sure that you will understand that this is for your own protection. You should call us on the number set out in the letter(s) you have received from us.